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Ultralearning Data Science - Week 10

published on December 30th, 2019

Throwing In The Towl

During this tenth week I once again failed to dedicate significant amounts of time to my learning data science project. It's a bit frustrating that I actually worked less on this project during the last week than when I was still working. Squeezing in an hour here and half an hour there is just not a way to dedicate big amounts of time to learning things.

These are hard lines for me to write, but I've decided to put the learning project on pause for now. I don't want to keep writing how I struggled to find more than a few hours and call this minimal progress "ultralearning". I want to write a proper end-of-project post in the future and I also want to keep learning and improving my data science and machine learning knowledge, but right now my progress has become too slow for me to publish weekly blog posts on it.

This past week I've mostly worked on a blog post about backpropagation and I've learned a ton from going through the derivation of backprop on the level needed to understand every detail and actually write a post about it. Right now it feels like I've done the first 90% of the post (with the second 90% still remaining), but hopefully I will get it at least published this week.

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